Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm BACK!!!!!

So I can't promise frequent updates as I'm in full throttle mommy-mode but I'm going to try the best I can to blog on my "down time" (insert hilarious laughter).

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mother. Holy crap I knew I would love it but I didn't realize the extent and depth of the love I feel towards my daughter and my family. I thought long and hard about whether or not to write my birth story and, for now, I am going to let it ride. It's pretty personal and maybe one day I'll share but for now let's just say that everything went haywire but then sorted itself out and turned out perfectly.

On my new journey of motherhood I am learning so many new things and that having a laid back kind of approach works best for us. I'm having a good time laughing at myself, actually, as all the "I'll never do x,y, or z" pre-baby has been tossed to the wind and replaced with "whatever you gotta do". Co-sleeping? yep, doing it (for the record, co-sleeping means in the same room though not necessarily in the same bed. Also, for the record, there's definitely some bed sharing going on some nights). Pacifiers? trying it out due to a very high suck-drive mixed with teething (though she is rejecting them on her own, nothing like a good finger or boob).

I've done a ton of reading all kinds of books- those with the same parenting style I accept and even some with parenting styles I reject. I had no idea there were so many different parenting styles with names associated with them. I don't agree 100% with any single style and I take each book with a grain of salt, picking out helpful tidbits and tossing out the rest. I found I tend to gravitate more towards the attachment parenting style while firmly rejecting the CIO (Cry-It-Out) Method or strict scheduling of feeds/life; aka BabyWise. L-bug is an amazing little girl who fell into a routine on her own and it has been my job to help her follow it without forcing it on her. She consistently gets tired twice a day at the same times and then sleeps in 3-5hr sections of the night, waking to feed with a quick diaper change, and then back off to sleep. There have been a few nights of hourly to two hour waking to feed periods but in all honesty, I am exhausted without even caring that I'm exhausted. She is growing, getting chubby (heavens, those chubby cheeks slay me!), and is an extremely happy, mellow, loveable baby. She goes with the flow.

So, I'll still try to toss in a bunch of independent living and exercise/running posts but for now I shall wallow in motherhood and my adventures enfolding from that. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Quick Update....

No I'm not dead and no baby has not arrived yet. I'm so ready, though, the question is: Is she? I have enjoyed pregnancy immensely these past several months, even the down and painful parts. It's all about putting things in perspective. Now that nine months has come and gone I have gotten to the, let's say "uncomfortable" stage. There appears to be no room for either of us left in this body and yet we have a couple more weeks to go for her to go full term of 40wks. I'm about to bust, I can't even begin to imagine how squished my poor little girl must feel.

She has been head down for way over a month now which brings me relief but her feet stick into my ribs and I think she assumes the position for a "chimney climb" spreading her hands on either side of my belly and pushing out. I can't bend. I can't put on my socks or tie my shoes by myself. Eating has become small, frequent meals, and sleeping has become nonexistent. I nearly sat down in dispair and cried the other day wishing Cowboy was home to help dress me. I had errands to run and I thought I was going to be stuck being half-dressed and homebound. Through sheer determination and painful contortions I finally got myself dressed somewhat properly and got out the door. Then came the discovery that it was a circus act just to get behind the steering wheel and maneuver my key into the ignition.

Thankfully I have been told frequently I am "all belly" even though I feel round all over. 

My bags are packed and ready to go at a moments notice, carseat installed, BOB stroller pimped and ready to go, and nursery 99% finished. Now we are at the waiting game. Exercise has become a joke for me. I crave it daily but my body says "oh hell no". So I suffice with doing housework, taking care of our new baby chicks (oh my goodness their little peeping melts my heart), walking the pup, and trying to eat healthy. I am quite proud of myself and my eating habits as I haven't really even longed for any funky cravings or junk food. Until now....

These last two weeks have been carb-craving hell. I want pasta, I want donuts, I want anything sweet and horrible for you. I'm talking crap that has absolutely no redeeming nutritional value. That said, I have been craving all this junk but I have not given into any of it except maybe one or two terribly weak moments. I had been obsessing about donuts for over a week and nearly at my wits end. I had even stopped at two donut shops on my way home from work to indulge but neither shop carried my favorite donut. I took it as a sign and continued home empty bellied and emotionally unfulfilled. That night Cowboy surprised me with a small white paper bag and a smile on his face. My amazing husband had  went out (also to two other donut shops) and found me my donut! It was seriously the best donut ever and I was in heaven the whole rest of the night. Best. Husband. Ever!!!! Because I have been so good with my eating I really had no guilt attached to that donut which made it taste even better.

After my donut I was back into full attack mode with my fruits (god I love fruit!!!) and veggies and trying to scarf down lean proteins for baby building.

Back to exercising: or lack of. I had been going to the gym 2-3x/wk lifting weights and still running on the treadmill with my belly band. About 2 wks ago, however, things have just progressed so quickly with the pregnancy that everything hurts and exhausts me within just a few minutes of doing them. Running has started to hurt the balls of my feet- I'm assuming it's the extra weight on my bones and arches. I did five miles on the treadmill and I felt like my feet were going to fall off. I then dialed it down to 3-4 miles at a time and each time I was able to do less and less before my body screamed in protest. Now I walk the pup several times around the park and not only do my feet start hurting but the baby feels like she drops down and bangs into my pelvis to the point that I have to waddle and wonder if I am going to pee myself before I get home. Oh how I long to run so bad!!!

I am so extremely excited to meet my little one, however. I know there will be plenty of ups and downs but I look forward to every single one of them. Cowboy and I have attended our birthing class and I have read so many books that I feel ready!!! Surprisingly, I am not afraid of labor. I am a little startled to realize I am looking forward to it and see it as a challenge not unlike a big running race. I enjoy pushing my body to it's limit and seeing how far it will go. I know there will be pain, there will be exhaustion, and it's not going to be all puppy dog kisses and rainbows. Accepting those facts allows me to prepare my body and my mind, push it all aside, and see the light at the end. The reward that we have been trying so hard for years to obtain. The smell of her, the feel of her skin, her fingers wrapping around mine, the big eyes looking back at me, and the sight of my husband holding our little baby's going to be amazing. Yep, I'm gonna cry big crocodile tears.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Running with Baby

So yeah, I'm a horrible blogger and wildly distracted lately. I'm 5 months pregnant as of tomorrow and my energy has many peaks and valleys. I have gotten in several great trail runs- most notably a 12.5 miler at Centennial Cone with my bestie and her pup. It was a fabulous outing that was only marred by me stopping every few miles to piddle and the slow breathless uphills that I had to stop and power hike on. Thankfully she was very patient with me unlike Argos who gleefully ran ahead (traitor).

I have been getting several weight lifting sessions in too. Usually a 3 mile treadmill run followed by either a leg workout or an arm workout. I'm trying to balance them but I'm honestly a leg-workout kinda girl. I love me some burnin' legs. Squats and deadlifts have been my favorites lately. Baby Wildchild seems to enjoy the workouts with no complaints. Before everyone goes all "you're gonna kill your baby" on me just know that I am VERY attentive to my body. I listen and obey, especially with the little bump in there traveling along for the ride AND I've gotten an approving nod from my doc. I would never do anything to compromise her safety...I've gone through way too much to get to this point to jeopardize this. Plus I have Concerned Cowboy watching out for me and eyeballin' my weights. He's adorable. Seriously, he's so supportive and loving though I have been told I am not allowed to complain or whine about my pregnancy pains whilst I am able to still run 12.5 miles and squat 115+lbs. His compassion has athletic limitations I'm finding out;)

Oooh! I forgot to mention: Gabriella Belly Belt is amazing for running!!! It keeps the belly from bouncing while running and feels so good. I highly recommend it.

While I am working out I feel wonderful. A little breathless and have to alter my stance to make room for the slowly growing bump, but overall fabulous. However, the next day I'm usually more wiped out than I used to be. Recovery is a b***. I've had no major food aversions but I do love me some fruit. Particularly mangoes, peaches, strawberries, with apples and bananas coming in close second. I have found that whey protein powder tastes funky all of a sudden to me unless heavily disguised in a smoothie.

Other than that, just taking one day at a time, each week making a high-five point. Our anatomy scan is next week and I am beyond excited to see our baby girl. I'm anxious for my bump to actually turn into a pregnant belly.  I think I am finally starting to look a little more preggo than fat.

The other big thing happening:'s addictive to my OCD personality. I have labels on everything!!! I'm purring right now thinking about it.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Staunton State Park

Staunton State Park our route:
Mason Creek Trail- very nice, slightly difficult gradual uphill, some forested. All along a creek- complete water source

Old Mill Trail- from our direction ALL downhill, fun, slightly rocky

***Scout Line Trail was closed***

Staunton Ranch Trail- if you like hard dirt fire roads this is for you. Me? Meh....I could't wait to get off it. Overall nice though. All uphill climb, tons of people (most likely because this is the shortest route to the falls 10 mi out and back. I would rather run the extra miles on other trails than to take this one all the way up). Water source on left if you bushwack a few yards.

Climbing Access Trail from north-most point- FUN. there are a few branches off this we didn't take. big rocks

back up Staunton Ranch Trail- see above

Bugling Elk Trail- continuation of Staunton Ranch Trail. Fireroad. gets pretty near the big pond. We stopped here on the way back from Lions Back Trail and had a little snack, purified water, and soaked our feet for a few minutes. Freezing water felt amazing.

Lions Back Trail (out and back)- pretty decent climb to a waterfall overlook in the distance. They are working on getting a trail that meets at the bottom of the waterfall. That should be really cool.

Marmot Passage Trail- super nice forested trail, probably one of my favorites.

Border Line Trail- difficult, switchbacks

Mason Creek Trail- see above

David's Pond Trail: 1st loop Pookha Loop

Total was 20 miles. I wore my UltraSpire Spry pack with two handhelds that we purified along the way. I think we refilled three times as it was really hot. Water was always ice cold and delicious. A small handful of dogs and not too many people (though the park is only a month old so nearly brand new). Pit toilets were at the Mason Creek Trailhead as well as a water pump. Lower parking lot had two port-a-potties and the David's Pond Trail (hint: you have to cross the road to the left to get on the trail). We didn't go all the way to the pond but the trail loops were easy and this is where we saw a lot of people at.

Water was plentiful and the staff not real knowledgeable about this fact. I asked at the main (paying) entrance of water availability and she looked at me like a deer in headlights even after I rephrased it inserting the word "creek". Seems she wasn't aware that people (runners, bikers, etc) often purify their water so they don't have to carry a 5 gallon tank on their back for an all day outing.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


It's been too long I know...I have been so slack (life gets in the way sometimes) on keeping up with my blog and I've got a handful of new adventures to document!!!

Unfortunately, I'm away from my computer at the time and cannot give you a full breakdown of all my trail adventures but I will leave you with a quick update as to what's been going on.

1. I ran at the new Staunton State Park here in Pine, CO. 20 miles of beautiful trail. Will give you a review on that with the route we ran, and what to expect in terms of water sources for purifying etc.

2. I was able to cheer on one of my BFFs while she killed it at her first trail race: Leadville Marathon (holy crap what a choice to make for your very first trail race- that's what I call some serious BadAssery). Surprisingly, this was also my first ever time at a race where I wasn't the one racing! I was on the flip side of this show and lemme tell you, it was crazy fun. I had brought my chair, a book, and a few nibbles to keep me preoccupied as I knew I would have long stretches to wait before she would run into the aid stations. I sat in that chair for a combined amount of five minutes. I couldn't stop cheering for everyone. As I saw runners come in elated, crying, pissed, dancing, high-fiving, and getting hugs and refreshments from others all I could think was, "I have been there. I know every single emotion they are all going through" and I felt bonded with each and every one of them.

3. I have run two new-to-me fourteeners in the last two weeks, one of them being Colorado's highest peak Mt. Elbert. I'm about to run my third with my awesome running partner Stephanie and my running friend Karl. I love exploring more of my state and  pushing my body to new limits.

4. Tried some new gear (Zoot compression wear) and nutrition (locally owned Tailwind Nutrition) so will be giving you a run down on those goodies too.

So, be patient with me, the blog will happen in due time.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Apex Trail- Snowy Wonderland

Last week we got hit yet again with a load of snowy weather. Although most of us in Colorado are groaning over the ever rising false hope of summer followed by getting kicked in the balls with snowy weather in the 20s, I tend to rejoice in the little things. Things such as silent trails and breaking new trails (being the first to run through the snow). Here was my 9miler at Apex, I wore running pants and a t-shirt with Zoot sleeves. No need for a jacket, the sun was glaring so brightly off the snow I had to put my special snow lenses in my sunglass frames, and I only slid on my gloves for the first few miles to warm up.

 Not a footstep in sight

The "Enchanted Forest" trail was stunning. It was so silent and beautiful. Every few minutes some snow would be knocked loose from atop the trees and slowly cascade down in a billowy cloud. It was breathtaking and I had to stop many times to just stare and feel happiness in my soul.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Snowy Trail Run- A Bit of Bliss

Tuesday's trail run was with a good friend and her pup at Deer Creek Canyon. It was a perfect trail running day: 10.5 miles while the snow was gently falling around us in big fat flakes and licking our eyelashes. The run ended in a muddy downhill, as is usual for DCC this time of year. It was so much fun. The "kids" were happily running ahead then circling back to check on us. Argos dove in the snow a few times and Denali bounced around playfully. I got to share one of my favorite trails and we successfully avoided the park patrol officer who had been seen frequently at the bottom loop.

I felt winded a little too easily (very frustrating) but given my lack of intense exercise I had been so used to lately due to my IVF treatments and restrictions I had to allow myself a little slack.

We ended the perfect day at DaKind Soups to knock the chill that set over us post run. Hot tea, delicious soup, and a melty sammich!